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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pipe: file sharing in the Facebook age is about to get real | The Verge

Pipe: file sharing in the Facebook age is about to get real | The Verge: "ydmann is the designer behind the app’s UI aesthetic and minimalist affect. Hossell himself spent the last several years as Sales Director of Gracenote (the music metadata service) in Europe, and is now the team’s CEO and head of strategy, deal making, and recently, investor relations. There are a handful of others at Pipe, but they’ve all been under the radar since they started coding last summer, offering only GigaOM a brief look inside the app back in March. "

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Path | CrunchBase Profile

Path | CrunchBase Profile: "
General Information edit
Website path.com
Blog blog.path.com
Twitter @path
Category Mobile/Wireless
Email info@path.com
Offices edit
San Francisco, USA
San Francisco, CA
People edit
Dustin Mierau
Co-Founder, Board of Directors
Dave Morin
Co-Founder, Board of Directors and CEO
Nate Johnson
VP of Marketing
Matt Van Horn
VP, Business Development
Shawn Fanning
Co-Founder/Board of Directors
Mike Volpi
Board of Directors
Shakil Khan
Head of Special Projects"

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The Mac's Mid-Life Crisis by MG Siegler

The Mac's Mid-Life Crisis by MG Siegler: "Mac line, like myself, is in this awkward in-between stage. I love my Air, but I want this new Pro. Meanwhile, I need to replace my iMac, and based on the rumors, I thought I was going to be able to do that today. But, well, nope.

Maybe I ditch my iMac in favor of this new MacBook Pro. I like the idea, but I will miss the larger monitor. I could buy a Cinema Display but — incredibly — it's actually lower resolution"

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Categorize & Tag « Houdini

Categorize & Tag « Houdini: "Product Merchandising

Running an eCommerce store is hard work. Let us help you categorize, tag, identify colors and more for all of your products. With Houdini, your catalog will always be organized an up to date.


Have a pile of old, boring documents that you don’t want to sort through? Let us do that. We can identify topics, authors  or whatever you like. It’s all up to you."

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