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Friday, April 4, 2014

Verizon Online -- Network Diagnostic Test

Verizon Online -- Network Diagnostic Test: "Network Diagnostic Test for the North East (NY - New York) region.

We're analyzing your network performance right now. This should only take a minute or two to complete.

Go ahead and download the java applet if a note appears. This will ensure that your browser will support a connection to the NDT servers"

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Earn Rewards With Your MakeUseOf Account

Earn Rewards With Your MakeUseOf Account: "That’s a Google Nexus 7 tablet. We gave one like it to users for points – not a random draw like our awesome giveaways, but as a reward they could simply redeem for points while supplies lasted.
That Nexus 7 is just one of the crazier examples out of a long, long list of items we are giving away to for points. Other items include subscriptions to LastPass Premium, full (and legal!) versions of software that usually costs money, t-shirts, and more."

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How to Display a PDF File in a HTML Web Page | eHow

How to Display a PDF File in a HTML Web Page | eHow: "Instructions
Save the PDF you wish to link to on a local drive on your computer.

Upload the PDF to your Web host. How this is done depends on your host. If you have any problems, check your host's FAQ or customer service. Take note of the path of the file.

Type the following code to cause the PDF to display in a new window:

Text that appears to the user"

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How to Embed a PDF Document Into Your Website

How to Embed a PDF Document Into Your Website: "including but not limited to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, RTF (rich text format) files, as well as OpenDocument text, presentation and spreadsheet files. Unlike the Google Docs Viewer, the Zoho Docs Viewer lets you upload a file you own (which you can publish so it will have a short, shareable URL) or paste the URL in the main page. Once you’ve uploaded your file and are viewing it online, you can grab the embed code at the Embed tab."

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