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IP Daily.Biz- Whats It All About.

While I am sure many might find the title of this blog to be somewhat amusing (as in the old  Jr. High School joke (hint: Who is the Author of Yellow River), there are actually some very good reason for selecting a name with a humorous title.

The main purpose of this blog has to do with the way I gather information on the world wide web. I used to (and still do) gather and save quite a lot of things I find while surfing the web. Sometimes I find things I would like to go back to later. The blog format offered by Google, know as BlogSpot is very convenient because there is a feature where you can install a little button on your tool bar, and then highlight about a sentence or two, and then press the button, press save, and you have posted your a small segment of text.

Well, I imagine some readers out there crying out indignantly, that is out and out plagiarism! Such an anticipated comment is precisely why I am actually taking a moment out of my very busy day to explain how this works. For one thing the original piece gets the it's own headline amplified (repeated) as a bonus. Also the site from which the material was originally quoted, gets a hyperlink automatically created back to its website.
Hyperlinks back to the original website where the content was produced, called backlinks, as well the amplification of the authors original title, are the meat and potatoes of what bloggers require in order to constantly generate new readers for their blog.

Stephen C. Sanders
IPDaily.Biz @ BlogSpot

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