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Sunday, June 8, 2014

When overwhelmed by a million different pressing matters pick one thing and complete it.

Three pieces of self help action items that you can and must do right now, in order to get your life back on track!- By Stephen C. Sanders

This will be a very short post. These days for potentially inexplicable reason, we as as a people are in a state of siege. In order to address our individual unique problems, it feels as if we are in some sort of emergency room, in need of triage.

The following things are of essential priority:

1) Stop the bleeding. No matter how pressing the other life or death issues may be, if there is some huge hole where are important resources (life blood) are being drained, we will not be able to get back on our feet, if these resources are completely diminished. Allow yourself to understand this metaphorically, blood can be financial issues, it could be health related issues, think of the thing that if you absolutely run out of this (it could be time) that the whole game is over for you.

2) Clear the airways! Are you so clogged up, that you cannot breathe? Is there a clutter issue in your life? Is there some sort of chronic procrastination syndrome. Some people are motivated only by deadlines, things will not get addressed until they have reached the critical red alert level. Make a plan to be proactive, and accomplish at least one thing in advance of a deadline, give yourself a chance to breathe!

3) Get at the root cause of your primary issue! 
You cannot ever put off the attempt to get at the root cause of the problem, because at some point there may no longer be time later. It requires digging and is not always fun, yet the work must be done, and the only time to start is now!

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