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Sunday, January 1, 2017

SMS Backup Reader (PC/Mac/*nix) | Matt Joseph

SMS Backup Reader (PC/Mac/*nix) | Matt Joseph: "Note: you can read the latest version of this document on the GitHub wiki here: How to use SMS Backup Reader | GitHub - devadvance/smsbackupreader

Download the latest version of SMS Backup Reader: Download latest release
This program requires Java to run. If you do not have Java installed, please visit the Java website to obtain it: http://www.java.com
To run, simply double-click on SMS Backup Reader. If it opens as a folder and shows you multiple files inside, then either you do not have Java installed, or you need to go back, right-click on SMS Backup Reader, and open it with Java.
Enter your country code. The default is 1 for the U.S. For example, the U.K. is 44.
There is an option to change the timezone hours offset for the received messages. ONLY use this if you have previously encountered issues when loading messages!
Once it is open, choose the file you want to load by clicking the appropriate button.
Next, click Load!."

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